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420 celebrations

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what is 420?

The 420 cannabis holiday has become a cultural phenomenon celebrated annually on April 20th (4/20). It originated in the early 1970s and has since evolved into a global celebration of cannabis culture. The history of 420 is rooted in the subcultures of cannabis enthusiasts, particularly in the United States, and its significance has grown exponentially over the years.

The exact origins of the term “420” remain somewhat shrouded in mystery, with various urban legends and theories circulating. One popular story traces it back to a group of high school students in California in the early 1970s who would meet at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana. Another theory suggests that 420 was a police code for cannabis-related offenses, though this has been debunked. Despite the uncertainty surrounding its origins, the term 420 has come to symbolize cannabis culture and the act of consuming marijuana.

Over time, April 20th became synonymous with cannabis consumption and celebration. Cannabis enthusiasts would gather in parks, public squares, and other designated areas to partake in communal smoking sessions. As the internet age dawned, the 420 holiday gained even more traction, with online communities organizing events, sharing memes, and spreading awareness about cannabis legalization and advocacy efforts.

In recent years, the 420 holiday has also become synonymous with discounts and deals offered by dispensaries and online retailers. Cannabis businesses capitalize on the increased demand during this time by offering special promotions on a wide range of products, including flower, vape carts, edibles, gummies, chocolates, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, concentrates, extracts, topicals, and tinctures. These discounts attract both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers looking to explore the world of marijuana products.

Recreational dispensaries, in particular, play a significant role in the 420 holiday festivities. These establishments cater to adult consumers looking to purchase cannabis products for recreational use. Many dispensaries host special events, live music performances, and vendor showcases to mark the occasion. Customers flock to these locations in search of the best deals and highest quality strains of cannabis, whether they prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid varieties.

NOXX Cannabis is thrilled to be a part of this vibrant culture and to celebrate 420 with our valued customers. This year, we’re pulling out all the stops to make it a day to remember. From exclusive discounts to special deals on a wide range of products, including flower, vape carts, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more… we’re rolling out the green carpet for you.

But 420 is about more than just discounts and deals. It’s about coming together as a community to honor the plant that brings us so much joy and healing. That’s why we’re hosting a series of events/activities throughout the day,  It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers and welcoming newcomers into the fold.

So whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just curious to learn more, we invite you to join us this 420 for a celebration like no other. Come visit us at NOXX, your go-to destination for the best cannabis products and the friendliest service in town. Let’s make this 420 one to remember!

How did 4/20 start?

It all began with a group of high school students in the 1970s known as the Waldos. Their quest for a hidden cannabis crop at 4:20 PM sparked the term “420,” which evolved into the worldwide celebration we know today.

Who invented 4/20?

The Waldos, with their adventurous spirit and love for cannabis, coined “420.” Their legacy lives on every April 20th as we gather to celebrate cannabis culture.

Where can I get 4/20 dispensary deals and discounts?

Noxx is your go-to spot in Grand Rapids for the best 420 deals. With locations on Plainfield Ave and 28th St, we’re ready to make your 420 celebrations both memorable and affordable.

When is 4/20?

April 20th is the day when the cannabis community comes together to celebrate, share, and indulge in all things cannabis. Mark your calendar and join us at Noxx for a day filled with fun, sophistication, and excellent cannabis.

Let the Good Times Roll at Noxx This 420

Gather your friends and make your way to Noxx in Grand Rapids for a 420 celebration like no other. With our expertly curated selections and unbeatable 420 deals, we’re here to ensure your celebration is filled with joy, laughter, and the finest cannabis in Michigan. Let’s make this 420 one for the books!