Michigander Fire

Michigander Fire

Michigander Fire was founded on a deep passion for cannabis and the commitment to growing top-of-the-line products without cutting corners. Founders and family members, Tim Scott and Tyler Dunlap have worked relentlessly to enter the legal cannabis space with this well-known caregiver brand that was previously in many shops around the state. Follow Michigander Fire on Instagram at @Michiganderfire


Michigander Fire is a Michigan-based company that was founded under the Caregiver Act in 2011. Their first harvest under a state license was in July of 2021. Now, you can find Michigander Fire in cannabis dispensaries all over Michigan, including NOXX!

Michigander Fire offers a wide of assortment of high quality, craft Cannabis Flower and PreRolls. Curious to see the process behind their product? Check out this outline of each step in their growing process, from the time of propagation to the time of harvest!

Michigander Fire’s passion shows with each strain they produce. Their dedication to quality is unmatched and their deeply rooted love for cannabis shows in every product. Their award-winning Red Runtz strain is among the most popular in Michigander Fire’s line. Detroit is the home to many greats, and the very berry Red Pop is one of them. Distinct in taste and aroma, giving a definition to the flavor red, you can’t mistake it. This Red Runtz strain is packed full of fruity terps that can bring a Michigander back to when they enjoyed drinking that fizzy, strawberry, cherry, and red raspberry pop for the first time. Unique and memorable, combining the highly complimented Red Pop and Runtz strains made her quickly become a sought out, but hard to find favorite for the straight fruit flavor chasers. Perfect for those who enjoy the hard-hitting effects of the strong pain killing indicas, the Red Runtz has embodied the heart of the Motor City for adults everywhere to chill and hang out with. 


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